In each of our lives we store specific moments in our memory. At times a certain smell, sight, or place can remind us of that moment; even the sound of music can elicit a memory years in the past. Of all of our senses, sight and visual recollection has brought these works to you.

My travels have taken me all over the world in search of experiences that are captured and stored for future memories. Each one uniquely different, yet the tie that binds them is the desire to save these moments and share them with you so that you too can see the beauty in these places. The joy and sorrow in people and the sincerity of life and nature, not always full of glamour, but pure and honest.

Perhaps some of what you see here may inspire you to see the world differently and live a life rich with diversity. Until your time to shoot comes, I’ll continue to bring you images of the gifts that surround us in the magnificent world we share.